Monday, 21 January 2013

SNER (snow)

I spent most of last week in the library overdosing on red ball and attempting some revision, only to end up watching psychedelic cats bounce around on a screen.

Fun times down the pub.

I get the train everyday, I love it. I once had a man (seriously) try and buy my fruit salad whilst I was munching half way through it, what a bunch of nut jobs. Anyone else commute? 

I put my hair into a little bit of a side parting.

I need to stop eating this pile of diabetes and heart disease. I'm thinking of becoming a pescetarian, any tips?

A few of my friendlings got some new rad tats.

IT SNERRRED AND THIS HAPPENED. The shed is looking amaze balls in the snow.

I tried to get a picture of Stein in the snow but turns out Einstein doesn't like snow very much...

After hearing about what was found in the Tesco's burgers I was seriously considering what they class as 'seafood'.

When I get the shed properly sorted and smelly revision out of the way this week I'm going to start putting up proper outfit posts and what not.

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