Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The start of my 2013

So, for christmas santa brought me a fractured finger.

Procrastination is my speciality. 

Shit weather + broken finger is a nono.

As a crazy cat lady my friend Kerry bought me the most amazing psychodelic cat socks Ive ever seen and I couldn't stop looking at them. TOPSHOP

On a hungover/half beaten up boxing day a customer left me a note on the back of the bill. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside haha.

No boxing day is complete without a turkey and crisp sandwich - the ultimate combination.

Me and my gumdrop Kerry on NYE, what a babe she is. Notice me hiding my salad finger. I'm wearing lace top and shorts both from TOPSHOP.

A bit of late night work on the shed. I'm doing it up this year its going to look amaze balls.

Did a bit of naughty shopping in TOPSHOP bought a stripy jumper and a coral/red lipstick called sartorial.

The one and only Einstein king of cats looking handsome as always.

And a little christmas number.

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